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Consulate Appointment of Honduras in the United States

Welcome! When a Honduran wants to knock on the doors of the consulate of their country, it’s always for serious matters. As you already know, in order to live in the United States, you must have all of your documents in line and up to date.

This is the reason why consulates were created, they are the entity in charge of helping you keep your Honduran documents in order, but be careful, you will only be able to process your documents if you schedule a consulate appointment.

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Consular Services of the Government of Honduras

Why do we go to the consulate? Simple, when you’re living in the US, you must be there legally, for this the consulate provides civil registration services, but only with appointments that have already been scheduled. Once there, you can do the following:

Guide to request the Temporary Protection Status of Honduras

Book an appointment at the Honduran Consulate in the United States

If you want to schedule a meeting with the Honduran Consulate starting today June 13 2024, then you’re in luck because we just updated the list of consulates as well as resources and locations that can be found on U.S territory.

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Request my Honduran Online Consular Appointment

Use this link to go to the Official Online Appointment Site. But remember, be patient! Your meeting might require several attempts.

 Mobile Consulates for Hondurans in the United States:

Honduran Consulates for Appointment Requests in the US

At this moment we can rely on 15 Honduran Consulates that can be found spread around the nation, those of which are waiting with open arms for immigrants from Honduras, to give them whatever support is necessary.

How to schedule an appointment at the Honduras Consulate – Step by Step Guide 2024

Occasionally, government platforms can be difficult to navigate or fail to work correctly, which can cause a lot of anger and frustration. Here, we’ve put together a guide, which you can use whenever you want to schedule an appointment at the Honduran Consulate, and you can do so in record timing.

Step 1: Access the Scheduling Platform for Hondurans

Once you’ve accessed the Online Consular Appointment System, it’ll ask you for your ID or passport number, so make sure you have it handy because it is necessary to provide that information before you’re able to continue.

As you already know, in the United States you must hand over a form of ID in order to carry out your legal procedures and prove your personal information. Your driving license will be enough to corroborate your identity.

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Step 2: Where are you located?

If you’re living in the U.S., you can process any type of documentation and request an appointment at the Honduras Consulate that’s located near you. However, if you live in North America, but are working abroad, you can reserve your appointment online without any major inconvenience. We advise you to arrive to the country in which you have your appointment well in advance.

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Step 3: Select the Consulate Closest to you

To make an appointment at your Honduran consulate you must choose the entity that is closest to you in the US, this will depend on the state in which you currently live, such as: District of Columbia, Washington, Georgia, Massachusetts, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Illinois, New York and the new consulates in Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Florida. Search for the easiest way to get there.

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Step 4: What Consular Service are you seeking?

On the website you must select which service you need to process in order to make an appointment at the Honduran Consulate. It may be in regards to a passport renewal or processing a birth certificate, regardless, you need an appointment.

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Step 5: Input the necessary information

As you progress with your appointment procedure at the Honduran Consulate, you’ll have to fill out all of the boxes displayed with personal information, such as: first and middle names, last names, date of birth, gender, address, telephone numbers, etc.

Step 6: Calendar with Open Dates for Appointments

Choose the day, month and year to attend the appointment at the Honduran consulate. The system might tell you that there is no space available for a certain day that you selected, but keep trying until you’re able to find an open slot.

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Step 7: Appointment Confirmation Page

Once you’ve processed everything on the Honduran Consulate platform to make your appointment, you will receive a confirmation page to the email you provided. All you have to do is wait until the date of your appointment and go to the Consulate Office of your choice.  

You can communicate via phone or email with any of the Honduran consular entities distributed throughout the United States.

Online Platforms for Consulate Appointments for Hondurans living in the United States

Remember to fill out the form with precise and accurate information in order to be able to attend the meeting in person. If you do not have all of the requirements, your appointment will most likely be useless. Make sure that you fulfill all of the requirements before going in for your visit.

Consulates of Hondureños in the United States

Honduras Consulate Appointments on the internet

You can manage your Honduran consular appointment online from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether or not you live in the US. Access the Honduran Consulate website and you’ll see the current location options, some of them are: Asia, Canada , Central America, South America, Europe, among others depending on the country that you live in today.

Hondurans understand that the Honduran Consulate in the United States is a tool that offers peace of mind and security in a foreign country. At we keep you informed of all of the procedures that you need to carry out in order to have a comfortable stay in the United States.

If you want to request a meeting at the Honduran Consulate, all you need to do is choose one of the 15 locations (going for 4 more) that can be found within the jurisdiction of North America.

What is the website of the Honduran Consulate in the USA?

You may wonder how you can start your process to request an appointment online at the Honduran Consulate in the US, receive your passport, birth certificate, consular registration certificates, and civil registration certificates, among other documents. You just have to enter the consulate’s website and once you’re on the platform, answer all of the questions that the system requires in order for you to schedule your appointment.

Remember: The government website of Honduras is which replaces the old website

Where can I see my Appointment at the Consulate of Honduras?

The only way you can see your appointment is by going to your email, then go to your inbox and look for the appointment confirmation email, there you can see the day and time you must be at the consulate.

Consular appointments can only be requested online

Generally, the Honduran Consulate manages its appointments online to make things easier for our fellow Hondurans. However, it’s possible to contact the consulate through the following telephone numbers:

What do I do if I want to reschedule an appointment?

If you cannot make your appointment, ideally you would reschedule it, which would leave an open spot so that someone else can schedule their appointment.

To reschedule, enter the consular appointment confirmation email that you received, there you will have the information that the consulate agent will require to find a day for your new appointment.

How many appointments can be made per person?

Just so you know, there’s a limit of appointments per person, the threshold is up to 4 appointments per individual.

Official Information for your Honduran Consular Appointment in the United States

We’ve provided the cities in which Honduran Consulates are located, there you’ll be able to schedule or cancel an appointment, speak to a consulate agent and even calculate the distance of the consulate from your current location. In regards to the information that we provided, don’t worry, we compiled it from reliable official sources.

We have good news! You’ll be glad to know; The deputy minister is aware of the problem that immigrants have when it comes to requesting a Consular Appointment, so he decided to take action on the matter and now they are working to open four more consulates ❝to relieve the pressure❞ he said.

The future 4 Consulates of Honduras will open in: Phoenix (Arizona)Denver (Colorado), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) and Orlando (Florida).

Where do we need one more consulate? According to the demand for appointments at the consulate, they are needed in: Las Vegas and Maryland

At CitaConsulados.Com, failing is not an option because we’ve decided to accompany you on your journey from the moment you request your American Visa. In case you’re looking for more solutions, we’re providing you with the contact information for the Honduran Embassy that’s located at 1990 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036.

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