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Honduran Consulate in Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania

Where is the Honduran consulate in Pennsylvania located? You are in luck, you will no longer have to travel 4 hours to the nearest consulate, it is news from the headquarters in Pittsburgh; What better way to process it without having to travel to another state. Join us for more information.

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Soon, we will have a Honduran Consulate in Pittsburgh

Did you know that Pittsburgh is one of four new consulates? In the United States at the moment there are 14 Honduran consulates and to get to the closest one from Pittsburgh, we have a 4-hour trip, what better than having it close to home, since July 2024 when the plan has started, so that Hondurans do not have to travel to another state.

Where is the Honduran consulate in Pittsburgh?

As of today there is no consulate in Pittsburgh, when the location of the headquarters is confirmed we will leave it here. We leave you the information of the closest consulate, which is Washington:

Before starting a trip to the consulate, we must be prepared, if you need to consult, we leave you the service numbers: 202 670 9616203 670 9616, if your case is an emergency you should contact: 310 269 3131.

If you want to communicate in writing, you can do so by Email: [email protected]

Do you need to get to the consulate? The building address is: 1990 M St NW, Washington, District of Columbia, DC 20036.

The opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How can I make an appointment for the Honduran consulate? Yes I live in Pittsburgh

Living in Pennsylvania, the closest consulate is Washington, if what you need is an appointment, here is the Button to request it.

Honduran consulates near me

Do you need to do paperwork? Are you looking for information about the nearest consulates? Or do you simply want to take advantage of a trip and go to the nearest consulate? Here we will leave you the cluster with 3 consulates.

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