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Appointments for Honduran Passport in the United States

If you do not have a passport, it has expired, or if the expiration date is approaching, our information will shorten the path to renewal. You can make your appointment as soon as possible at the consulate , if you live in the United States. Schedule your consular appointment now.

Honduran Passport in the unted states


Steps to Make Your Consular Appointment for Honduras Passport Online in 2023

When you start scheduling your consular appointment , it will be of great help to have your expired ID or passport on hand, to have your personal information at hand , in this way you will be able to save a lot of time when making your Honduran passport.

How to make an appointment for a Honduran passport online

For problems or errors in appointments, send your case to [email protected] with the specifications and attaching relevant information so that the appointment can be granted by email, without having to use the digital platform, or having to pay. to a third party for said service. This means of appointments is only for passports and will be viable momentarily.

  • Step 1: You must enter the consulate website to start the process. The page adapts perfectly to mobile devices or computers; although it presents difficulties in finding the right day at certain times of the year.
  • Step 2: You will find a first image that will require you to enter your Honduran ID to advance with the process. You will notice that the system will ask you to fill out several boxes such as: Location, Consulate Selection and Type of Services.
  • Step 3: After filling out everything, you will notice that in the “Type of Services” section it offers the option to choose “Honduras Passport for 5 years” or “Passport for 10 years” , select the one that best suits your needs. and continue with the other steps to formalize your turn for the passport.
  • Step 4: Among the data requested by the platform, consider paying special attention to providing your first name, last name , gender, date of birth, city where you live, zip code, email, telephone number and address. After you have filled out your forms to request an appointment to get your passport, click “Next”
  • Step 5: Finally, you can select on the calendar the day that best suits your plans, the white days are the free dates , the pink days “No service is provided at the consulate” and the purple days. They are “Sold Out” . Selecting the date will reload the page.
  • Step 6: In this new screen you must click on “See the requirements for the Honduran passport” then you must choose what you want the passport for and download the requirements demanded by the consulate for your procedure, now click on “Schedule Appointment”.
  • Step 7: If you see a sign that saysYour appointment was scheduled for the day (year/month/day) at (time), you will receive an email shortly with the details of the appointment.” This means that your appointment is already saved in the system . That easy!

Requirements and Necessary Documents to apply for the Passport at the Consulate

How to Renew my Honduran Passport in the USA

To request the renewal of your Honduran passport, you must first request a passport appointment online , after making the reservation, you must gather your papers and attend the consulate on the agreed day with all the documents in hand. Remember to print the appointment confirmation and proof of payment, they will be requested at the consular office.
Consular Appointments of Honduras

Requirements and Necessary Documents to apply for the Passport at the Consulate

All users who want to obtain a new Honduran passport will have to provide the following requirements :

  • Have your Honduran ID card with you to identify yourself. If you do not have it, you can give the birth certificate or a document that shows the image of the applicant: Temporary Protection Status for Hondurans or the Deferred Action document for Childhood Arrivals ( DACA).
    • If you do not have any document with a photo, you will have to offer a sworn declaration of relationship, it can be from uncles, brothers or parents who have DNI.
  • Those under 21 years of age must be with their parents.
  • Honduran women who are married and want their husband’s last name to be displayed in the passport will have to share the marriage certificate.
  • Pay the passport issuance fees , which have a value between 75 and 60 dollars, depending on how many years you want your passport to be.
  • In the case of online passport renewal, always have the expired document at hand.

How to Apply for a Passport for a Honduran minor, for the first time

If you plan to apply for a passport for the first time, you must make an appointment with the nearest Honduran Consulate , but you must also be accompanied by your parents. In the event that one of them is absent, you have the alternative of sharing a legal authorization . with the name of the person who allows the procedure to be carried out.

They must also present :

  • Birth certificate.
  • Identity cards of the parents or the person who was authorized to carry out the procedure.
  • If one of the parents has died , provide a death certificate.
  • If the whereabouts of the mother or father are not known , parental authority of the minor will be granted, which will have to be legitimized by a Honduran notary.
  • Cancel the corresponding cost for the service.

Price of the Honduran Passport in the United States for 2023

The price of the Honduran passport is 75 dollars for documents that have a duration of 10 years , while passports valid for 5 years have a price of 60 dollars. Users under 21 years of age will only be able to manage the 5-year passport.

Steps to request a Honduran Emergency Passport, living in the United States

Stopped in the United States you should go to your nearest consulate , if only that. Now keep in mind , what is considered an emergency? , so that you are truly assisted and not forced to leave the consulate:

  • You have to have problems with immigration or even deportation.
  • You may have a family member with a terminal illness who needs your presence.
  • In cases where to continue with your education you need national papers that you do not have.
  • If you have a Sponsor or legal work in which your original documents are required.

Emergency Appointments for Honduras Passports

As we explained to you, in cases that are considered an emergency, you can attend the consulate and you will not be required to have a prior appointment, but only that; since you must present all the papers required for said procedure without exceptions.

New Electronic Passport printing system in the 14 Honduran Consulates in the USA

Initially, the Consulate of Honduras in Los Angeles, California , was one of the first headquarters to start with the electronic passport service , giving rise to the other consulates to start with the new procedure in 2022, including the vice chancellor of consular and immigration affairs. of Honduras, Antonio García, inaugurated the printing center in the Californian city, a project that was promoted by the president of the nation, Xiomara Castro.

Before García’s arrival, there were only five printing centers in the United States , that is, nine of the consular headquarters did not have the service and had to send the applications to the organizations that offered electronic passports so that the processing of the applicants could begin. .

Why is the Digital Passport more secure?

The electronic passport is trending because it has a computerized chip inserted , something that makes Honduras the third country in Latin America to implement the technology. Likewise, it has more than 60 security measures , which means that it is almost impossible for the document to be falsified.

  • Avoid terrorist episodes: It is not easy for a person to usurp another person’s identity with a digital passport.
  • Better control at airports: Users who acquire the electronic passport will see a better social order in the world’s airports, something that suggests an important advance in progressivism.
  • Confirmation of demographic data: Thanks to Honduran electronic passports, fellow citizens will be able to keep their data saved, the best of all is that not everyone will have access to them.
  • International security: Diplomatic representatives from around the world will receive Hondurans who carry a digital passport in a more friendly way, since they will have the guarantee that all people who arrive in the nation have their data within the framework of legality. The document will be the best possible identity card.

Forms to Renew the Honduran Passport

To request a new Honduran passport you only need to go to the official consulate appointment website and fill out the form required by the system , but if you are wondering, what do I do if I lost my Honduran passport in the United States ? You will only have to include a complaint to be able to renew your passport.

Remember: It is smart to have various documents that prove your identity and immigration status , if you want to apply for a passport, for example: TPS, Daca or your driver’s license or ID.

Money Order for Honduran Passports in the US

The Honduran passport is paid with Money Order, this is a form of transaction accessible to everyone. The payment methodology is adjusted to the situation of each migrant, since a bank account in the country will not be required as part of the requirements to obtain the Honduran passport online in the United States.

The Money Order is known as a reliable payment method to purchase goods and services in the US. It is very similar to a regular bank check, only you will not need a bank account to meet your financial responsibilities.

Instead of using a check to withdraw specific funds from the bank, the Money Order is paid in advance to an intermediary who sells the money order that you will deliver at various businesses.

How to pay for the Honduran passport in the USA

Money Orders do not have an expiration date as such, however, after two or three years of being purchased and not used, they may be considered non-refundable, depending on the principal amount. The decision will depend on the state in which the money order is purchased.

You can purchase a Money Order at the multinational supermarket and warehouse corporation Walmart , at the Walgreens pharmacy chain , Checks Cashed or banks . Each entity charges a maximum fee of 2 dollars for each Money Order.

The Consulate General of Honduras suggests asking for a payment receipt wherever the service is requested, remembering that it is a right.

Doubts that Hondurans left us when processing their Passport at the Consulate

As you know, it is natural that doubts arise when making your consular appointment for your passport . That’s why we decided to leave you the best frequently asked questions; since if we all contribute we will have valuable information to carry out our immigration procedures. Let’s look at these responses to our readers .

How long does it take for the passport to arrive?

Passports are delivered on the same day of the appointment , although there are usually times when they are delivered on later days. The authorities indicated that the 14 Honduran consulates would be able to issue electronic immigration documents in just 30 or 60 minutes, something that would speed up the efforts of our compatriots.

Why are there no passport appointments available at the consulate?

The system may be overwhelmed or receive only so many appointment requests per day. It is important to be persistent until we get our Honduran passport appointment at a nearby consulate. It is suggested to try different days.

Why doesn’t the appointment system allow me to make a reservation?

If the platform is reluctant to move forward with the appointment, make sure you are entering the email and other information correctly , especially the ID.

I have to travel and I need my passport. Can you give me an appointment?

It is appropriate to evaluate whether the trip really qualifies as “urgency” and meets the necessary characteristics to issue an emergency passport, otherwise, the traditional protocol must be followed.

Can you give me an appointment for my child’s passport?

To schedule an appointment for the Honduran passport, you must enter the consulate platform and follow the corresponding steps. Likewise, take into account the considerations and requirements when dealing with underage users. Remember that we do not give appointments, appointments are personal and non-transferable.

Do I need help with my passport appointment?

If you still cannot book your appointment, we recommend that you read this page again, since it is the most detailed guide to obtaining a passport in the USA. Here we explain in detail the steps and recommendations that we learned from ; so that the chapines stop failing on the first try.

If you want to expand your options and possibilities to acquire immigration documents, just tell us what you need in the comments, otherwise if we were helpful, give it 5 stars.

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