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Power of Attorney letter at the Honduran Consulate in the USA

For Honduran citizens who want to process and need a special power of attorney to manage it or want another person to take care of it, you can make a power of attorney letter, which can be for a limited time or for specific occasions. To make it simple, we prepare this step by step for you.

make a power of attorney in the USA for Hondurans

How to make a power of attorney if I am Honduran and live in the United States?

The issuance of the power of attorney letters is requested at the consulates or embassies of Honduras. To do so, you must present certain documents of your own and that of the person to whom we will grant the power, in addition to paying a cost for the procedure; but do not be discouraged; We will make it easy for you.

Step by step to process the Power of Attorney Letter

The first thing will be to request an appointment via Internet at the nearest Honduran consulate; where you should give:

  • Personal information: Full name, marital status, address, identity document number and nationality of the applicant/grantor and the citizen to whom the power is transferred.
  • Send a photo of the documents mentioned above or a photocopy of the same.
  • Indicate what type of attribution you wish to grant: A). Driving license for buying, selling, closing or opening a bank account and more. B).or permission to represent a lawsuit or for some bureaucratic procedure.
  • Contact information: Your phone number and email.
  • Go to the appointment to sign the authentication
  • Pay the corresponding cost.

Requirements to process the Power of Attorney for Hondurans in the USA

Here I will leave you the requirements demanded by the consulate when issuing a Letter of Power:

  • Have your identity document in hand (DNI in good condition).
  • Passport or any document in which you report your Honduran citizenship.
  • Generic information, that is, names and surnames, marital status, photocopy of identity document, occupation and current address.
  • Information of the representative : full name, copy of identity card, marital status, profession and address. If the representative is your lawyer, include the Honduran Bar Association card number and address of the law firm.
  • Bring proof of payment of the Money Order, in the name of the Honduran consulate, for $50.

Request for consular appointments to obtain Letters of Power of Attorney from Honduras in the US

If you already know what type of Power of Attorney you want to request and what information you need to fill it out, now you can make an appointment ; Remember to order it in advance so that their availability does not affect you.

What Types of Powers can I grant through the consulate?

For Hondurans in the USA, there are different power of attorney letters, defined according to their need. These are:

General Power of Administration and representation

This type of power is what is given to whoever we want to take care of our errands.

Special power of limited validity

The person to whom it is delivered will take care of specific requirements over a period of time. Example: lawsuits, marriages or divorces.

Power of Attorney for specific entities

This grants the authority to handle specific procedures in a specific office. Such as, for example, banking or administrative matters, collection procedures, pensions and more.

What is the cost of making a Honduran Power of Attorney in the USA?

The cost of requesting a power of attorney at the Honduran consulate or embassy is 50.00 USD, the price of the general power of attorney is USD 150.00 and the special power of attorney is 150.00 USD.

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