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Request your Appointment at the Consulate in the United States – Near You

If you’re currently in or are planning on going to the United States as an immigrant, if you’re working towards your visa, fending for yourself in a foreign language or trying to fight for a job amongst those who were born and raised in America then, we made this page just for you!

We took it upon ourselves to do the hard part of the research in order to create this site and make things as easy as possible for foreigners to receive assistance from their country of origin without so much run-around.


Consulate Appointments 2024 for Immigrants in the United States

At, we are your allies when it comes to reserving your appointment at your country’s consulate in the U.S by providing complete and detailed information without wasting any time. We’ll help you throughout your process of applying for the American Visa and can also guide you on how to renovate your passport if you’re currently living in the states.

Directory of Consulates located throughout the United States of America

Look through the options provided below and choose your country of origin in order to have access to the different consulate locations within the United States.

Countries with Consular Relations

Mobile consulates in the United States in May 2024

For those of you who are certain that, in your case, the best option is to wait for the consulate trucks to arrive in order to move forward with your paperwork, here we provide you a list of the different nations that have implemented this system with the intention of making the consulate more accessible for people with fewer resources.

How to schedule an appointment in my country’s consulate in the United States?

At you can schedule a meeting by doing the following:

  1. Select your country of origin
  2. Select a city near you
  3. Click on the “Reserve Now” Button

Three simple steps to schedule an in-person meeting. If it’s not necessary to do so in person, many procedures can be done virtually using different types of payment such as credit/debit card, deposit or bank transfer.