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Appointment to Apply for or Renew the American Visa in 2024

Hello, dear immigrant, you are about to finish the process to have your United States visa from home, which will allow you to travel the country without restrictions or fears, you will only have to wait a few days, but you will only spend what the visa is worth.

How to apply for an American visa?

Step by step to apply for the American visa from home

Let’s see what are the steps to obtain your visa? . On your own, without extra expenses and in a very short time:

Applying for a visa takes 3 simple steps:

  • Fill out the DS-160 Certificate
  • Create an account with the US Visa Department
  • Go to the Consular Appointment 

If you are here, we assume that you already have the DS-160 form with its verification code, if not, let’s go right now; you click on the link.

Online American visa appointments

  1. Now, with the DS-160 in your possession, you must create an account with the Visa Department of the United States of America, entering the identification code from your DS-160 application and your information.
  2. When you have your account you will be able to access the payment coupon . Pay and attach proof of payment to the platform. Finally, it shows you proof of the consular appointment that is also sent to you by mail.
  3. Make an appointment at the CAS Applicant Service Center to have your fingerprints taken and your visa photo taken and make an appointment at the United States consulate in Mexico for an interview
  4. Show up to the appointment complying with all the requirements for the visa process.

Requirements to obtain the renewal of the American visa

You cannot apply for an American visa while inside the United States. Whether it is your first time or renewing your visa, you will have to go to the US Embassy in your country. The requirements to apply for the American visa are the following:

  • Fill out the DS-160 visa application form  (It is done online). This must indicate the basic information of the applicant, as well as the purpose of the trip and the type of visa to be obtained.
  • Add a digital photograph of the face in color, without any type of editing (passport type).
  • Print the application (form DS-160).
  • The United States embassy reported that the visa can now be requested without an interview. So you will only have to fill out the form and leave your requirements at the embassy until you receive a response from the entity to withdraw your American visa.
  • Send proof of financial solvency to cover travel expenses.
  • If the American visa is approved, you will receive it within a maximum period of four weeks after your appointment.

Types of American visas to enter the USA

The classification of American visas depends on the purpose that the traveler has when entering the country. In this regard, you will have four US visa options.

Work visa

This type of visa has been established for employees who want to enter the country in order to obtain training in their area of ​​work. Also, those who intend to work temporarily in the United States can apply for this visa. This visa falls within the H, L, O, P, Q visa classes.

Investor visa

Known as a B-1 visa, this document allows businesspeople to attend conventions and conferences related to their area. Those who intend to do business in the USA can apply for this visa.

Transit visa

As its name indicates, this visa allows the individual to travel through the United States. The B-2 visa is requested by those who wish to do tourism in the country, visit a family member or receive medical treatment in the United States.

Student visa

Only students who are selected for a postgraduate degree can receive this visa. Also, those who are going to study temporarily in an educational institution in the country. Of course, you will need to present legitimate documents of your admission to the American school. This visa has two classes: F and M.

How long does it take to get a United States visa?

The online process, as we indicated, takes only a moment, after the appointment you will have to wait at least a month to have the visa.

How much does it cost to get an American visa?

The price imposed by the United States Embassy is $160.

Nonimmigrant visas include: visitor (includes tourist visa), transit, crew members, student, journalists, exchange, NAFTA professional, victim of human trafficking and victim of criminal activity.

Can I apply for an American visa while in the United States?

No, the non-immigrant visa is requested at the United States consulate or embassy located in your country of residence.

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