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Temporary Protection Status (TPS) Update for Honduras 2024

Hello Honduran! If you are going to be living in the United States and you want to do it in a legal and orderly manner, an important step to achieve the American dream will be to apply for TPS, that will give signs of good behavior to the American government, so you will start on the right foot.

Temporary Protection Status (TPS) Update for Honduras

How can TPS help me if I am Honduran? Benefits

To apply for TPS you have to be patient, because they have minimum delays of 28 days, know how to validate Temporary Protection because it allows you to reside legally in the US is the greatest benefit of becoming a Tepesian, for a certain time, having protection and security if you cannot return to your country due to natural events, civil wars or extreme poverty.

TPS does not lead you to permanent residence, but it does have two alternatives that can be applied to become a legal resident of the USA, one is through a North American citizen and the other is through a legal permanent resident family member.

In 2023, an extension of TPS was made for Honduras

The cancellation of the designated contract of Honduras for TPS came into force on June 9, 2023; The 18-month extension begins from January 6, 2024 to July 5, 2025, with a re-registration time of 60 days for existing beneficiaries, starting from November 6, 2023 to January 5, 2024.

Do all Hondurans qualify?

  • Any Honduran citizen with the TPS designation who does not have an Automatic Extension of Employment Authorization Document (EAD), who has been automatically extended, or who wants to request a new EAD will be eligible.
  • You qualify if you are a national of Honduras or an immigrant without citizenship who was living in Honduras.
  • Physically living and continuously present in the United States since January 5, 1999.
  • Any immigrant from Honduras who is not a terrorist, who is not involved in drugs, who in some way did not help a foreigner enter illegally will be admissible.

Can I travel to Honduras today with TPS active?

To travel in compliance with the laws, you must begin by requesting reentry using Form I-131, you can also request an advance travel permit with this document, it must be valid, otherwise it is considered abandonment of the Form, (including the permit of entry into the United States for humanitarian reasons).

If you are a TPS recipient who has an advance parole document (allows you to travel back to the United States without having to apply for a visa) as long as it has not expired, you can use it to leave the United States until it expires.

TPS permits for Hondurans

When you start by applying for the initial TPS or pre-register, you can apply for a Work Permit (EAD) and a Travel Permit.

Permits to travel to Honduras with TPS

Keep in mind that to travel you need to use Form I-131 with TPS, if you have an unresolved document, you do not have to file a new one; Let’s remember that if you are going to travel, re-entry is requested when you are physically inside the US.

Renewal of the Work Permit in the United States

To renew the work permit we must bring a current identification with a photo (driver’s license or passport), we remind you that to apply for a job we must submit the authorization application (Form I-765)

Honduras TPS Requirements

You need information to obtain your TPS, I leave you the requirements at hand so you can do it like a professional.

  • Be a national of Honduras or have resided in the country of Honduras in the last two years without having nationality.
  • Be living in the US since December 30, 1998.
  • Have been physically living in the US since January 5, 1999.
  • Not having left the United States during your residence without legal authorization.

What will happen to me when TPS ends?

The US Department of Homeland Security may automatically defer your current work permit to accommodate the time you submit and process your re-registration request. In the latest news about TPS for Hondurans, it is being updated before it expires, which does not guarantee that it will be extended again.

Having TPS is a benefit that stops the clock to be able to live legally; You might wonder what happens if TPS expires? You should know that you can continue working until the expiration date on the card, which authorizes you to work.

  • You can work on a Work Permit with Receipt I-797C (contains important tracking information) up to 540 days after the date on your work permit card expires.

Can Hondurans apply for TPS?

If you are a national of Honduras and want to request TPS, you must present Document I-821 (Form to request temporary protection). You should know that for Honduras the date is being renewed before it expires, the last 18-month extension expires on July 5, 2025.

Remember: To be part of the TPS you must have all your Honduran papers on hand, if you are missing any or request help, the consulate will be able to give you a hand to start with this and other procedures that you will do while you live in the United States. Enter this button if you want to go to your consulate.

New TPS News for Honduras in the United States

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) gave notice of the 18-month extension for Hondurans of Temporary Protected Status (TPS), providing an extension to the protection permit until July 5, 2025 with 60 days for pre-registration being from November 6, 2023 until January 5, 2024.

Thanks to the request for suspension of the procedure in the case “Bhattarai v. Nielsen”, USCIS allows the continuity of Temporary Protection of Status and extends the documentation linked to the TPS :

  • Forms I-765
  • Employment Authorization Documents
  • Forms I-797
  • Action Notification
  • I-94 Forms
  • Entry/Exit Registration, for eligible beneficiaries of the TPS of Honduras

Information about TPS for Honduras

The indecision regarding the continuity of the program (TPS) began during the presidency of Donald Trump, when this government attempted to eliminate TPS for certain countries. In retaliation until the last minute, members of the National TPS Alliance planned hunger strikes in Washington DC to pressure the new presidential administration and ask for an extension.

To the relief of compatriots, on January 20, 2021 there was a change of presidency, with Joe Biden occupying it. Thanks to his intrusion, the Protection was extended for 18 months, representing a relief for Tepesians throughout the United States and in support of the measure the protests were canceled.

Biden took as reference for the renewal of Honduras to the TPS, the conditions in which the country finds itself, security and the constant ongoing protests. In addition, TPS is a tool that allows them to be legally in the USA and without being deported due to immigration, but it is not the same as Permanent Residence.

It is estimated that some 57,000 Hondurans are benefited by TPS in American Lands, according to Official data. Connationals who recently arrived in the USA cannot obtain it because it is for immigrants who arrived since January 5, 1999.

The latest on TPS for Hondurans

To register for the TPS in Honduras you must do so starting November 6, 2023. What happens if I am not approved for temporary protection? If you are not eligible for Protected Status, you should be wary of deportation if you are denied permission.

If you are Honduran and already have TPS, this will be automatically extended until June 30, 2024, being temporarily protected from deportation and you can obtain employment authorization.

Remember that to pre-register you must do so before January 5, 2024, this allows you to extend the expiration date, until July 5, 2025.

Immigration TPS Honduras

TPS- It is the tool for immigrants in North America, it allows you to reside legally, during the time stipulated in the Temporary Protected Status, remember that it is a temporary benefit, it allows people who already live in the United States long ago have other benefits.

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