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You can leave the United States with TPS

You are interested in leaving the country and you do not know how to avoid problems with your TPS. We remind you that as a TPS beneficiary you have an existing and current advance travel permit document. Let us keep in mind that to travel we must have a well-founded reason. Let’s see more details.

You can leave the USA with TPS

Can I leave the country with TPS?

If you want to travel outside the country with TPS, you have to request a permit to do so. If the I-131 permit is approved, you will be given a Form I-512T (Authorization for Travel of a Non-Citizen to the United States) which is evidence of prior consent from the DHS (United States Department of Homeland Security) to travel. outside the country.

UCSIS is the one who gives permission to leave, but SIVIPI which is the immigration airport, where the officer is the one who decides if he is going to validate that PAROLE (temporary stay permits) or will tell you “you have previous problems” and not will give you permission, it is recommended to seek advice before traveling.

How to request permission to leave the United States

To require the document and be able to make an emergency trip, you must present Form I-131, request the Travel Document, with all the supporting documentation, photos and corresponding prices. See the application for specific instructions.

Travel Authorization for Tepesianos – Application I-131

  • To save time, we leave you the I-131 travel document application at hand, where you can fill it out now and download it ready to deliver.
  • Remember to have a passport, understanding that the US may recognize it as expired and 5 years will be added to the printed expiration date.
  • You need to gather evidence of having TPS approved.
  • You must explain why you are making the trip and submit to an interview.

The conversation can be on a phone call or you can arrive at the USCIS office. They will ask you every detail of the trip, because they must know your status and why you are traveling, between questions, answers and for the immigration officer to certify that you are complying with the reasons for travel presented.

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