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How to Get Permanent Residence Having TPS

Hey! How about Latin? If you think that your temporary protection status can bring you closer to the Green Card, stay and we will tell you in an easy way how to go from TPS to LRP ; Whether you want to live or work, we will help you leave good standing with USCIS, so you can change your status.

Permanent Resident in the USA with TPS

Who qualifies for permanent residence with TPS

The approved TPS is a service with an expiration date, which does not lead to permanent residence status, nor does it grant any other immigration status. If you want to qualify, you must keep in mind that permanent residency is earned ; complying with the laws and being an honorable citizen during the time you stay in the US, which will make you an eligible person, if you meet these requirements:

  • You must notify your departures and arrivals, so if you have to travel outside the US you must obtain a stamp, which is requested as verification of each form you have to present.
  • Citizens residing in the United States (verified).
  • That your country is designated for Temporary Protected Status.
  • Citizens without nationality, if their last stay was 2 years in a country with a TPS designation.

If I have TPS, can I apply for residency?

If you are a Tepesian to obtain residency, you have these avenues, remember to take into account the expiration date of the program; For example, for Venezuela it is June 30, 2024:

  • Through a direct relative: You can have one of your parents or children with residence if they are over 21 years of age and manage your residence for you.
  • Get Married: You can also marry an American citizen.
  • Getting employed in the USA: Imagine that your employer decides to be your sponsor, this can help you get your residency, this will depend to some extent on the economic benefit for said job. If this provides you with support with a monthly payment acceptable to USCIS; This way you can do your paperwork to become a legal American resident.
  • Permanent resident for at least 5 years; o
    Permanent resident for at least 3 years, if she has been married to a US citizen.

To apply: You have to fill out form I-821

How a person applies for legal and permanent residence if they have TPS

To make your way to the LPR (Legal Permanent Resident) you can make use of your entries and exits from the country, let’s say you have a TPS and you choose to leave the United States, if you have the proper travel authorization you will be legally admitted, regardless if you entered and remained in the country illegally.

In this way, by re-entering with a TPS travel permit, you would be allowed as a beneficiary to adjust your status and apply for legal residence, also known as a green card.

Is it possible to get a green card if I apply for TPS?

This possibility that we gave you previously “is not an option for all those who have TPS”, being accepted for the Status adjustment is an option that changes depending on the category of request, since the TPS is not a tool for changing Status Rather, it is a state of protection.

Being aware of the TPS news could give you more time or peace of mind.

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