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Request a Birth Certificate for Hondurans in the United States

Yes, do you need to enroll your child in a school? If you lost your ID or perhaps need to make transmissions related to health, and you still cannot locate your birth certificate; Don’t worry, we show you 2 options to get it out.

request Honduran birth certificate United States

You can obtain it from the National Registry of Persons or online without the RNP.

Step by step to Request a Birth Certificate at the Honduran Consulate

Here we show you the points to follow to request your Birth Certificate, printed on original paper through the consulate and a manager in Honduras:

  • Request a notarization at the consulate
  • To manage it you will need a representative in Honduras (it could be a lawyer or a family member)
  • Send your full names and surnames along with your identity card by email to your representative in Honduras
  • This must go to the RNP offices and submit the requirements mentioned above.

Appointments to request a Birth Certificate in the USA

As you already know, to attend the consulate you must first have a prior appointment, so let’s get to it; follow button

Request the Birth Certificate from the Without RNP Application

You can obtain your child’s or your child’s birth certificate simply and quickly by following these steps:

  • As a first step we must download the App ; you can do it from the application WITHOUT RNP
  • Login from a mobile device
  • Once inside, press the “print document” button
  • Click on “request birth certificate”
  • In case you have an Android phone, you must touch “scanner quality” and thus be able to scan the barcode on your identity card with your cell phone.
  • It will ask you if the Certificate you are requesting is for you or for your child (you can only obtain it if the child is your child)
  • If the record is your own, the record will be generated automatically; Otherwise, if it is from the minor, put “descendant”
  • A field will appear in which you enter your child’s identity number where you will click accept

Now you can have your birth certificate in pdf; so you can print it; which you can apostille, in this way it will be authenticated, thus having true legal value.

What is the value of the Birth Certificate for Hondurans in the United States? In 2023

The cost for both processes is totally free

How long does it take to get the Act? Yes, I am in the USA

Don’t worry, either process can take a maximum of 15 minutes; in the offices it will depend a little on the number of people in line.

Other procedures that may help you if you are Honduran in the US

Being Honduran and living on American soil has its requirements, which you must meet to avoid being deported or detained by the authorities. So if you are missing any of the following papers, we recommend you start the process:

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