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Honduran Consulate in Washington – Consular Appointments 2024

Hello, Honduran! At we are happy to help you manage the immigration procedures, those that allow you to be in the United States legally. We understand that it can be difficult to adapt to the new ways of processing your paperwork, so we provide you with correct and simple information to achieve your goals.

Honduran Consulate in Washington

Honduran Consular Appointment in Washington – Procedures for Hondurans

A large number of procedures can be handled at the Honduran Consulate, located in Washington, DC and for all you need to have an advance appointment, so remember to make your appointments in advance, so that the availability of the appointments does not affect you.

The best way to extend your stay in the territory is to have your papers in order.

Appointment for the Honduran Consulate in Washington

It is important that you keep in mind; that the better prepared you are on the day of the appointment the better it will be for your experience, because there are times when some friends leave with their long faces, because they lack a piece of paper to do the management.

Booking Consular Appointments

Honduran Consulate in Washington Telephone numbers

If you have any questions or complaints, you can call the Consulate in Washington, as they are willing to offer you help.

Contact E-mail

The State advises!

Communicate through the Website for online appointments.

Hours of Operation at the Consulate

Hours of operation at the Honduran Consulate in Washington, District of Columbia are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Book your Honduran Consular Appointment in Washington DC

If you’re at this point it’s because you already know everything and just want your appointment, so let’s keep it simple, just press this button and go to the consular appointments section:

Consulate Address

  • 1990 M St NW, Washington, District of Columbia.
  • Zip Code: DC 20036.

Map to get to the Consulate

Click on the interactive map to get to the Honduran consulate faster.

Mobile Consulates of the Embassy of Honduras in Washington

In the case of living at a great distance from the headquarters of the Honduran consulate in Washington, D.C., the appointment could be assigned to one of the mobile consulates structured in strategically affluent areas, in order to reduce travel times and facilitate paperwork for voting credentials, passport procedures, license plates, among other services.

How to Make an Appointment to Renew Your Honduran Passport in Washington in 2024

Processing your appointment is less complicated than you might imagine; countryman; but it is important that before entering the online system provided by the Honduran Consulate to carry out procedures, you have at hand all the identity documents that you consider you may need, since the platform will be demanding with this point.

If you already have your papers at hand, you can go to the consular appointment system in Washington, in order to request your appointment, you just have to follow the steps that the platform indicates.

Requirements to Get a Honduran Passport in Washington

To be able to do the procedure you must have at hand:

  • You must have an ID card to process the passport issuance service or in its absence the DACA, extension of TPS, show an affidavit by kinship, which can be provided by your mother, father, uncles or siblings who carry an ID.
  • In the event of a lost or stolen passport, you need to file a report with the police, or make an affidavit before a notary (authenticated) explaining what happened to the passport.
  • Schedule an appointment at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Honduras in Washington DC, through its official website.

Arriving at the consular appointment in Washington

Recommendations for Consular Appointments at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Honduras

Although the high demand for appointments could be seen as an obstacle to carrying out your procedures, here are some recommendations to help you achieve your goals quickly!

  • Request your appointment as soon as possible so that you can resolve your case at the consulate that corresponds to you.
  • Calmly check if your requirement or doubt can be solved easily from its website. Most of the requests, complaints, and frequently asked questions that come to the consulate can be resolved from there.
  • Don’t wait too long to call the consulate.
  • Read carefully the necessary requirements for your consular procedures and verify that everything is in order before going to your appointment, this will avoid unnecessary delays.

How to make an appointment at the Honduran consulate in Washington DC?

If you are within the jurisdiction of the Honduran consulate in Washington, District of Columbia, the first thing you must do is schedule an appointment through the website, then all that remains is to make the payment of your documents and gather the requirements for each procedure you wish to manage.

Help for Immigrants from Honduras in Washington

Let’s take a look at the services offered by the consulate in Washington:

  • Nationality: you have the possibility of acquiring your birth certificate easily, this will help you identify yourself in the country and comply with requirements of other procedures.
  • Visas: The resident visa can be processed directly from the consulate.
  • Birth certificates: you can do this yourself or a family member at the assigned offices.
  • Passport: See the requirements for the passport in Washington, and know that these must be managed by appointment, by calling the corresponding telephone line.
  • Powers of Attorney: only available by appointment by phone.

Consular Appointments in Washington, D.C. – Near Me

We think this is the ideal consulate for you, but if we made a mistake here are 3 more options that you might like. We’ll leave you some locations so you can visit the one that suits you best.

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