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Honduras Consulate Appointments in Seattle

If you’re a Honduran established in the United States, it’s possible that you need to process various migratory documents quickly. If you’re not sure how to get started, continue reading to learn more!

It’s advisable to call the Consulate of Honduras, since it’s the institution entrusted to help you manage a large amount of documents that you may be needing.

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Consular Appointment for procedures at the Honduran Consulate in Seattle, Washington

The Consulate of Honduras in Seattle, Washington, processes everything related to document certification, so the State of Honduras leaves its document delivery service free for Hondurans to use. Select the one that is of interests to you

Reserving Consular Visits

Telephone numbers of the Honduran Consulate in Seattle

Consulate Email

The government suggests!

Communicate using the Official Website for online appointments.

Hours of Operation at the Consulate

Hours of operation at the Honduras Consulate in Seattle, Washington, are

Monday thru Friday聽 from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Booking your visit at the Honduran Consulate in Seattle

Use the link below to access the Official Website:聽

Address to the Consulate

  • 1107 SW Grady Way suite 100, Seattle, WA 98057.

Map to get to the Consulate

Click on the interactive map! You’ll get to the Honduras Consulate faster!

Reserve your appointment at the Honduran Consulate in Seattle, WA

If you want to move forward with any of the procedures that we mentioned earlier on the website, we recommend that you don’t waste any more time and request your appointment at the Honduras Consulate in Seattle, Washington immediately via telephone.聽

como llego a mi cita consular en Seattle

Honduran Mobile Consulate Appointments in Seattle

Assuming you are far from the Honduran Consulate in Seattle, Washington, the appointment can be assigned to one of the mobile consulates that have been set up in strategic locations, in order to reduce travel times for Hondurans and facilitate procedures for: voting credentials, passports, registrations and other services.

Suggestions for Honduran Consular Appointments in the state of Seattle, Washington 2024

Before carrying out any interview procedures at the consulate, we advise you to check their website, if you don’t see an answer to your question, you have the alternative of reaching out via telephone and e-mail. If you have concerns about a document that you inevitably have to deal with by going to the headquarters of the consulate that corresponds to you, keep the following in mind:

  • Appointments are only valid for one family member. You’ll need to request one for each family member individually.聽
  • Due to high demand, its highly recommended that you reserve your appointment as early in advance as possible.聽
  • Only use the links that are authenticated and provided by the Official Website for appointments online.

Help for Honduran Immigrants in Seattle

Let’s take a look at the services that are offered at the Consulate in Seattle, Washington:

  • Visas: visa for residents can be processed directly from the consulate.
  • Birth Certificate: you or a family member can do this at the designated offices.
  • Passports: Passport-related procedures must be dealt with via appointment by calling the corresponding telephone line.
  • Power of Attorney: appointments are only available by calling the telephone line.

Honduran Consulates Near Me

You can count on about 15 different Honduran headquarters throughout the United States. Visit whichever you prefer!

隆Click on the consulate headquarters that is closest to you!猬囷笍

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