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Immigration Precheck to Enter Honduras from the United States

Greetings, dear Honduran! Welcome back to If you are in the United States or any other country, you will need to know how to process an; ID pre-check to enter Honduras again.

cheque que te hacen antes de entrar a Honduras

The procedure will guarantee you a better experience at the airport. We will teach you what the service is for and how to fill out the form. This also applies to foreigners who wish to visit the nation!

Step by step to Request a Pre-check in Honduras

When you are ready to travel, it is necessary that you bring your Honduran Visa and take into account the completion of your pre-check, which will facilitate the transfer from another country, helping the authorities to identify you. The procedure is done online through an official website provided by the National Migration Institute of Honduras (INM).

Step 1:


Step 2:

Complete the information requested by the digital platform, entering your email and a password that allows you to enter the system. If you are registering for the first time, just click on “Register First Time”.

Step 3:

The data to continue will be sent to the email you shared. You just have to follow the instructions offered by the INM system. Remember to print your confirmation.

We tell you that there are 15 Honduran consulates in the United States, and you can make your appointment at the one closest to you to do your paperwork.

Benefits of Pre-check in Honduras

It is necessary for all travelers to process a pre-check to enter the country, the transfer to the respective destination will be expedited. Immigration officials will be responsible for verifying that all information is authentic and legal. Elderly people, children and disabled people are the main beneficiaries, since they will not have to stay longer than necessary at the airport.

Requirements to do a Pre-Check in Honduras

It is necessary that your passport is valid and in good condition, since it will be an essential requirement to travel and carry out each and every one of the procedures. Make sure you have a valid email. Children will also have to do a pre-check, officials will corroborate the minors’ information in order to welcome them to Honduras.

If you want more information or inquire about the various Honduran immigration procedures, you just have to explore

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