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(INM) Guides for Migration from Honduras to the United States

Dear Honduran, it is always important to have an entity that facilitates the process of living in a foreign country : Processing Passports, providing information on the migratory flow, publishing statistics on various topics of interest, among others.

That is why at we will offer you an alternative that will help in your efforts after deciding to settle in another nation, the National Migration Institute (INM).

INM helps the Honduran immigrant

Information for Honduran Immigrants in the USA

It is always important to acquire basic knowledge to manage different migration services, both abroad and in Honduras.

If you need to expand your information on how to request a specific procedure living in the United States, here we offer you several options:

How can the National Immigration Institute help me if I live in the US?

The INM has the necessary tools to help Hondurans who decide to travel to another nation like the United States. You have the opportunity to learn about: the necessary steps to apply for a passport, how to enter or leave the country, available offices in the national territory, process appointments for a Honduran passport abroad.

If you live in the United States, but need to make an application in Honduras, thanks to the INM you can speed up the procedure from the country where you live, in addition to resolving any questions regarding your immigration status.

Expand this and other information on immigration procedures in Honduras by

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