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Honduras Consulate Appointments in Houston, Texas

Are you looking to update a document? If you’re from Honduras, we can help you! We’ve created the ideal consulate appointments website. Here you’ll have step by step guides of the processes that you want follow, we’ll also bring you closer to the paths that you can use to contact someone at your consulate in order to have all of your migratory documents in check

Honduran Consulate Appointment Services in Houston

To carry out immigration procedures, it is necessary to know about the services offered by the consulate, the ways in which consular appointments can be obtained and whether they are available in Houston.

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General Consulate of Honduras in Houston – Appointments

If you want to avoid making a trip to the consulate for no reason, what you have to do is, schedule an appointment in advance.This is an essential requirement, except in cases that are considered emergencies, in which case you can go to the consulate without having to make an appointment.

Reserva de Citas Consulares

Telephone numbers to call in Houston 

Attention! The consulate has moved its location! 

In April, new activities were resumed at the new headquarters. For any inquiries, call the following phone numbers: 

Consulate E-mail of Houston 

The government recommends!  

Communicating with them using the Official Website for online appointments

Here are the Hours of Operation for Honduran Consulate Visits!

Hours of operation at the Honduras Consulate in Houston, Texas are Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Book your appointment at the Honduran Consulate in Houston, Texas

Use the link below to go to the Official Website: 

What address should I go to the day of my appointment at the consulate? 

  • New Address: 3100 Wilcrest Drive Dr., Ste. 110 – 125, Houston, TX 77042.

Map to get to the consulate

Click on the interactive map to get to the Honduran Consulate faster! Punctuality is the first step!

Reserve your visit at the Consulate of Honduras in Houston, Texas

If you need to complete your documents in advance, it is essential that you don’t wait any longer. Make your appointment right now and receive all the benefits that the Honduran Consulate in Houston has for you. Remember that a meeting can be scheduled by phone. It’s all up to you!

Select the procedure that you’re looking for:

How to schedule an appointment at the Honduran Consulate in Houston? 

If you want to schedule an appointment at the Honduran Consulate in Houston, you have to go to the official website of Honduras in the United States and reserve your spot there at their earliest availability. 

Request to register your identity card at the Houston, Texas Consulate

If you find yourself in Houston, you could go process and retrieve your identity card at the consulate as long as you have an appointment scheduled. This process is very quick and it will allow you to have a national form of ID. 

Mobile Consulates of the Honduran Ministry in Houston, TX

The Honduran Government sporadically enables mobile consulates in Houston, Texas, with the initiative of simplifying the processing of certain documents without the need for foreigners to travel long distances, something that, without a doubt, can benefit you.

Although Hondurans don’t have to transport themselves to the main consulate, it is still required for them to schedule an appointment via telephone, you can follow the steps outlined on the Official Website for online appointments. In the mobile consulates it is permitted to deal with procedures that deal with voting credentials, identification cards, passports and other services offered by the consulate.

Recommendations for your Honduran Consular Appointment in Houston in 2024

Before executing any requests for appointments at the consulate, we recommend that you inquire about the options that are available in the official website. Keep in mind that most questions are usually managed through via telephone and email.

If the document that you’re dealing with is one that needs to be resolved by going to the consulate headquarters, then you might want to keep the following in mind:

  • The appointment is only valid for one person, which means that every family member must reserve an appointment separately.
  • Due to high demand, the best way to reserve your appointment is by doing it as early in advance as possible.
  • Only access the websites and links authorized by the Official Website to move forward with your procedures. 

Help for Honduran immigrants in the US

There are moments in which some questions might emerge about the type of services that the consulate offers, so here we’ve listed the options that are facilitated by them:

  • Powers of Attorney: appointments only available via phone call. 
  • Birth certificates: you or a family member can do this at the designated offices.
  • Passport: procedures dealing with passports need to be done through appointments by calling the corresponding telephone line. 
  • Nationality:Please note that because your original birth certificate was created in Honduras, you can request certified copies of the certificate at the consulate.
  • Visas: the resident visa can be processed directly from the consulate.

What consulates can be found near me? 

It’s normal for there to be doubts in regards to how many Honduran consulates there are in the United States. Currently, there are 15 consulates available on U.S territory. Below, we’ve provided some addresses close to you so that you can start your processes immediately.

If you have multiple questions about any procedure, you can find more information on our website. You’ll always be welcome!

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