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Consulate of Honduras in Denver, Colorado

You will like this news, a headquarters of the Honduran consulate will soon open in Denver, Colorado. Where they can assist you without having to travel 11 hours to the nearest consulate, for those of us who live in the state this is an excellent novelty, since consulates on wheels rarely arrive. Join me reading.

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When will my Honduran consulate be located in Denver?

At the beginning of this year, 2023, it was announced that one of the 4 new Honduran headquarters in the US will be established in Denver, to cover the demand in these latitudes. The reality is that the date is not given at the moment , but as soon as it is announced, we will leave it here for you.

Where is the Honduran consulate in Denver located?

Today we do not have headquarters in the city of Denver, when the location and data are confirmed we will give you the news by this means.

Oh, which consulate should I go to if I live in Denver, Colorado?

Those of us from Colorado have to go to Dallas to give you an idea, from Denver to the Dallas consulate we have an average trip of 11 hours ; this being the closest consulate. A very important point is to avoid traveling for so long in vain, to do this the first step is to make an appointment, here is the link.

If you wish, you can call this number (214) 347-4441 or go to 2520 W Irving Blvd #400, Irving, TX 75061 if you already have a previously scheduled appointment. Another line that you can contact is @shiamigo: 470-751-9077

When is the Honduran consulate coming to Denver, Colorado 2024?

Although we still do not have a confirmed date for the new batch of mobile consulates. The last time the consulate was in the city was on May 20 and 21, 2017, when a consulate on wheels was held.

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