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Honduras Consulate Appointments in Irving, Texas

Welcome dear Honduran! We’re aware that emigrating is an enormous decision, a decision that will change your life forever. This is why you need to acquire all of the necessary knowledge so that you have the best possible stay in the United States. 

It doesn’t hurt to know all of the ways in which the consulate can help us. To access those resources you can contact the consulate via telephone, that way you can find the answers to all of your questions, or you can follow the steps we’ve given you to carry out your procedures without forgetting anything. 

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Complete your Honduran Consulate Procedures in Irving, Texas now!

If you’re in Irving and want to find out information about Honduran documentation or vital records procedures, here are a few options that might interest you:

Honduras Consulate Appointments in Irving 

About 700 Hondurans are served at the consulate in Irving every month in between the hours of 9 AM to 5PM during weekdays. If you need to contact the consulate directly regarding information or appointments, call 972-986-5112.

Reserve your Consulate Appointment

Telephone numbers of the Honduran Consulate in Irving

Email to contact the Honduras Consulate in Irving

The government advices! 

Communicate using the Official Website for online appointments.

Hours of Operation at the Consulate in Irving

Hours of operation at the Honduras Consulate in Irving, Texas are from Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Booking your visit at the Honduran Consulate in Irving, Texas

This button will take you to the Official Website, where you’ll be able to schedule your appointment and have access to benefits all while having your documents up to date. 

Address to the Consulate 

  • 2520 W Irving Blvd #400, Irving, TX 75061.

Map to get to the Consulate

Click on the interactive map to get to your Honduras Consulate appointment faster!

Honduras Consulate – Reserving appointments in Irving, TX

Although not all procedures carried out at the Honduran Consulate in Irving, Texas, require an appointment, in some cases, it is absolutely necessary, specially in procedures related to: IDs, passports or passport credentials, vital records, visas or other certificates. Generally, they recommend that you reserve an appointment with the consulate via telephone. 

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Honduran Mobile Consulate Appointments in Irving, USA

In the event that your place of residence is far from the Honduran Consulate in San Francisco, your appointment can be assigned to one of the Mobile consulates that have been distributed in strategically planned constituencies.

You will have the opportunity to reduce time periods in which a process might take and make it easier to renew voting credentials, identification documents, passport-related procedures, among other services.

Recommendations for Honduran Consular Appointments in the state of Irving, Texas 2024

Before carrying out any interview procedures at the consulate, we advise you to check their website, if you don’t see an answer to your question, you have the alternative of reaching out via telephone and e-mail.

If you have concerns about a document that you inevitably have to deal with by going to the headquarters of the consulate that corresponds to you, keep the following in mind:

  • Only use the links that are authenticated and provided by the Official Website for appointments online.
  • Appointments are only valid for one family member. You’ll need to request one for each family member individually. 
  • Due to high demand, its highly recommended that you reserve your appointment as early in advance as possible. 

Help for Honduran Immigrants in the U.S.

Let’s take a look at the services that are offered at the Consulate in Irving, TX:

  • Birth Certificate: you or a family member can do this at the designated offices.
  • Passports: Passport-related procedures must be dealt with via appointment by calling the corresponding telephone line.
  • Power of Attorney: appointments are only available by calling the telephone line. 
  • Nationality: you have the option of requesting certified copies of your birth certificate at the consulate.
  • Visas: visa for residents can be processed directly from the consulate.

Where are there more Honduran Consulates Near Me in Irving?

If you’re asking yourself  “Which consulate should I go to?”, there are around 15 Honduran headquarters in the United States. Here we’ll share the locations of consulates near you so that you can visit them soon. 

If you’re not sure what procedure you need, write to us in the comments section so we can help you. We’re waiting for you friend!  

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