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Honduran Consulate in New Orleans – Appointments 2024

Are you looking for a consular appointment? Here we will give you the steps and requirements that the consulate will demand of you when making your Honduran documents in New Orleans.

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Appointments for Honduran Procedures at the New Orleans Consulate

At we help you solve the procedures that are vital, to have a more comfortable stay in the United States, without surprises or deportations.

Information for Honduran Dating in New Orleans

We look at the important data, at the time of making an appointment doubts arise that it is important to solve them, by the means of communication offered by the Honduran consulate, that is why here we leave you a detailed list; to make your life easier.

Booking Consular Appointments

Honduran Consulate in New Orleans Phone Numbers

Honduras Email in New Orleans

¡El Consulado Aconseja!

Comunicarse por medio del Sitio Web especializado para citas online.

¿En qué horarios se son las citas?

El horario para atención de citas en el Consulado de Honduras, en New Orleans, Luisiana, es de lunes a viernes de 9:00 am a 6:00 pm; recuerda llegar 30 minutos antes de la cita, para poder agilizar los trámites.

Solicita tu Cita en el Consulado de New Orleans, si eres de Honduras

Si ya tomaste la decisión de ir por la cita; porque ya conocen el proceso; solo debes entrar por este botón para poder ir al sitio oficial de citas:

Dirección del consulado

  • 1250 Poydras St Suite #100, New Orleans, LA
  • Código Postal: LA 70113

Mapa para ir al consulado

¡No olvides hacer clic en el mapa interactivo para llegar más rápido al Consulado de Honduras!

Mobile Consulates for Hondurans in New Orleans, Louisiana

In case you are far from the Honduran Consulate in New Orleans, Louisiana, you can opt for the mobile consulates organized in strategically arranged districts, in order to reduce travel times and simplify procedures for voting credentials, license plates, appointments for Honduran passport in Louisiana, among other services.

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How to Make a Honduran Passport Appointment at the New Orleans Consulate

Passport procedures require an appointment at the Honduran Consulate – New Orleans, except in cases where they prove to be in an emergency; If they do not apply for a new passport, this can bring them conflicts with the rest of the immigration-related agencies. If your case is different, you just have to go to the consular appointment system and make your reservation.

How to make an appointment at the Honduran consulate in New Orleans?

When you want to make an appointment for the consular headquarters in New Orleans, you must do so through; but if you have questions about your papers, you can call the SIAMIGH@ number (470) 751-9077 or by WhatsApp from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, they will be able to answer you.

I want to get to my consular appointment in New Orleans near me

New Orleans Consulate Appointment Warnings 2023

Before calling the consulate and asking for authorized immigration documents, or leaving a specific complaint, take into account the following:

  • If you are not sure what procedure you should manage, check the website for everything you need before scheduling your appointment to avoid confusion.
  • Appointments are free. As a resident, do not agree to pay to get an appointment at the consulate.
  • Appointments must be requested individually.
  • Appointments should be made reasonably well in advance, to avoid delays that could harm you.
  • If you need to process documents for family members, each member must request a separate appointment.

Help for Honduran Immigrants in Louisiana

If you are wondering what services are offered at the consulate in New Orleans, Louisiana, here is the list:

  • Birth certificates.
  • Passport.
  • Powers of Attorney.
  • Nationality.
  • Visas.

What consulates are there? “Near me.”

In addition to the New Orleans Consulate, there are 15 consular offices for Hondurans in the U.S.

Discover others closer to you now!

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