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Enrollment of the Honduran DNI in the United States in 2024

Are you from Honduras, but you currently reside in the USA and are looking to renew or have your DNI to be able to vote or carry out procedures that require it? We are going to accompany you in the process to achieve it, even if you have lost it.

honduran identity document in usa

Step by step for the Enrollment of your Honduran DNI

The steps are simple, if your intention is to enroll in a consulate in the United States, here are the steps to follow:

Requirements required for the Enrollment of a Honduran DNI in the USA

Here we leave you the requirements that you must meet to obtain your new DNI, whether you are an adult or a minor:

  • If you are over 21 years old, bring your identity document
  • Have a valid passport
  • Bring a birth certificate
  • And if you don’t have anything that mentions the veracity of your nationality (such as a passport, ID card or birth certificate) bring a family member or 2 as witnesses to your appointment with the consulate
  • If you are a minor, you have to go with your parents as witnesses and they must be registered in the RNP system

Appointments for Enrollment of the Honduran DNI in the USA

Now that you know the steps, requirements and how you should handle yourself when carrying out this procedure, whether you have lost it or just want to renew it. All that remains is to book your appointment at the nearest consulate and attend. Let’s start now!

For Appointments:

To know when it will arrive:

How to complete the Procedure to Obtain the Honduran Identification Card in the United States

The Honduran consular system, hosted in the United States, had only 3 simple steps: 1) Request an appointment for enrollment, 2) Complete the documents requested for enrollment and 3) Present yourself at the consulate on the agreed day, with all the papers. and photocopies in hand.

Can I Process MY Honduran National Identity Document, if I lost it in the US.

If it happens to you like me, that on a busy day I forget my card on the bus or like that time it was stolen from me at the airport, here are the steps to have your credential in your hand again:

  • First of all, you must file a complaint with the nearest DPI or Police
  • Pay the TGR-1 X 200L bill with your name and ID addressed to RNP
  • Request an Appointment at the Honduran Consulate Online, wherever it best suits you.
  • Attend the appointment with: A) Copy of the DPI complaint, B) Birth certificate, C) Receipt TGR-1 X 200L

Once the procedure is completed, they will give you a receipt or a password, which will serve as proof of the procedure for the moment, since the waiting time is the same in all cases.

How long will my Honduran National Identification Card take?

Once this process is completed, your Honduran identity card in the USA will be ready within approximately 1 month to 2 months.

What is the validity of my new ID?

It is renewed every 10 years ; unless it gets lost first.

What is the Cost to obtain the Honduran National Identification Card in the US?

Enrolling your DNI is totally free the first time, renewal costs around $8.

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