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Check the Location of a Honduran DNI | In your name or that of a third party

Do you want to travel to the United States, but need to acquire your DNI? , it is important to be aware of where and when you will receive your immigration document once it has been processed. It is an important requirement so that all Hondurans can move faster and more safely around the world and you are no exception.

Where can I check my Honduras ID?

At we will show you how to obtain information about the location of your Honduran DNI after having processed a request.

Search engine for Honduran DNI

To find out the exact location of your Honduran DNI, you just have to enter your identity card number and click on “Search”.

But before continuing to acquire your DNI, you will first need to make an appointment with the consulate as the main step, so here we leave you the button below so that you can request it as soon as possible.

How do I know where my Honduras ID is located?

Checking your DNI is a simple process that will help you expedite your immigration procedures immediately. Since government platforms were digitized, it is easier to find the location of your ID, among other important procedures.

Through the website of the National Registry of Persons (RNP) you can have access to various immigration services, including information about the DNI. The only information you will need is your identification number. The system will tell you the exact location of your ID in seconds. It does not matter if the DNI is yours or that of another user, the important thing is to comply with the demands made by the website.

For more information on requirements to obtain your DNI or other services, we invite you to browse

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