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Tourist visa to go to the United States from Honduras

If you have the opportunity or desire to travel to the United States, you must obtain an American tourist visa to visit or transit through the country. In this post I briefly explain what you need to know to process the American visa if you are Honduran.

Requirements for a tourist visa to the United States from Honduras

Do I need a visa to travel to the United States if I am Honduran?

Yeah. To enter the United States, Honduran citizens need to have a visa processed at the country’s embassy.

Requirements for a Tourist Visa to the United States from Honduras

The mandatory requirements are:

There are some additional requirements that are not mandatory and the consular agent may not request them, but they help you verify your financial solvency and this can help the consulting agent determine if they will grant you the visa.

Some complementary requirements are: university degree, property titles, bank statements from recent years and proof of work.

How to Process the Tourist Visa to go to the United States from Honduras

Too easy.

  1. Fill out the DS-160 form
  2. Make your visa payment
  3. Make an appointment at the embassy or consulate and attend your appointment.

How long does it take to deliver the Tourist Visa in Honduras?

The weather varies especially after covid. But it can take from one week to three weeks. The agent will inform you to consult at the end of your interview.

How do they send me the American visa to Honduras?

It is sent by parcel service, you choose the address.

How long can I stay in the United States with a tourist visa?

The maximum time you can stay in the United States with the B1/B2 visa or tourist visa is 6 months, but it is very likely that you will be asked to prove your return ticket to your country and demonstrate financial solvency when you arrive at the airport.

How long is the United States tourist visa valid?

The American B1/B2 or tourist visa is valid for 10 years, but that does not mean that you can stay that long.

Aid Related to the American Visa

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